“Vitamin N” is Good for You & Your Family

The Cherry Creek habitat is already special for so many reasons including opportunities to get out and experience and enjoy the nature where we live.

Home Wise! Family Smart!

Child in Garden Gardening with Children Reaps Many Benefits for Both Youth and Adults
What is “Vitamin N”? N = Nature.  I got my dose of “Vitamin N” yesterday when I had the good fortune to spend a few hours at my parent’s farm. The sounds and smells of nature always rejuvenates my soul and body. There’s nothing like getting your hands dirty! The smell of freshly turned soil in the spring… wonderful!

Research shows nature is good for us and has both long and short term mental and physical health benefits. The positive impact of exposure to nature and gardening is well documented. In 2008, University of Michigan researchers found that after an hour interacting with nature, memory performance and attention spans improved by 20 percent. University of Kansas researchers recently reported a 50 percent boost in creativity for people who were steeped in nature for a few days.

“Research also confirms, that nurturing plants…

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