We’re getting ready for the pollinators – Spring!

Purple Poppy Mallow - March 2014

Purple Poppy Mallow – March 2014

It’s officially the first day of Spring!
It might not look like much to most folks, but I was doing a happy dance when I saw the purple poppy mallow in the Cherry Creek Pollinator Habitat starting to send up new leaves. This native wildflower will bloom from late spring through summer. It thrives in disturbed areas, along roadsides, ditches and overgrazed areas. In the garden, it is a sprawling plant full of beautiful magenta flowers.

While the purple poppy mallow is doing well, we’re going to have to replant the white clover. The local rabbits took care of our patch over the winter to the point where it won’t recover. Good thing I have plenty in my yard to share!

Also on our “to-do” list: Move the bee nest box structure outdoors, a stream clean-up and start expanding the habitat to the west. We have a lot to do!

We put together some information to help you attract pollinators to your landscape, along with the directions to make your own bee nest boxes…. You have plenty of time to make your own nest boxes and get them outdoors!


Here’s to Sharing the Buzz!


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About Soni Cochran

Mother, Wife, Grandma! I am an extension associate with the Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County. I work with urban pests and wildlife, youth programs and manage the office web site at http://lancaster.unl.edu. My degree is in education and I taught in rural public schools in Nebraska before coming to Nebraska Extension - UNL. I am Deputy Commander of the 155th Composite Squadron Civil Air Patrol in Lincoln - my focus is on public affairs, disaster relief and emergency services. Great organization of adults/teens serving this nation. Love my family, jobs, and sharing my love of nature and the outdoors with anyone who will listen.

2 thoughts on “We’re getting ready for the pollinators – Spring!

  1. I am pleased Purple poppy mallow grows well in my yard. I sometimes have to protect it from rabbits. I want to try making one of those shelters for the bees. We do have quite a few visit our blooms in the summer. I wonder where they live.

    • I wondered about the rabbits vs my plants! I’ll have to watch those nibblers in my own yard because I have some purple poppy mallow there too. Yes, do make one of the shelters. MJ reports that all the bees have hatched out of the one she has at her house! She took a video – we’ll post it. The native bees use whatever openings they can find suitable for a brood. Sounds like your yard would be perfect for a bee nest box and insect habitat!! Let us know if you build something!

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