One bite, two bites, three bites…

Did you know? One of every three bites of food is attributed to the work of bees and other pollinators.


In other “buzz” news…

  • Our river rock erosion control is working!!! Now that we have one side of the erosion issue managed, we’ll work on the other water problem area.
  • We went to the EcoStore today and shopped around for some supplies for our insect hotel. We didn’t find what we needed today, but we’ll be back. We did find some paint suitable for covering up our old metal satellite dish post in the back. It is high quality enamel paint specifically for tractors/implements – Ford Blue. Blue isn’t our first choice, but this will be a base color – we have some artsy plans for the post.
  • MJ scored 500 free bricks for the base of our insect hotel. We’ll pick those up on Saturday.
  • The catalpa tree is blooming now – it is amazing. I posted a photo on our office Facebook page at

On June 20, there is a Pollinator Habitat Workshop and Tour at Spring Creek Prairie south of Lincoln, NE. It is free and registration is required. For more information, visit

Here’s to Sharing the Buzz!


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