Bringing in Top Soil

Adding Top Soil

Filling in erosion and building a berm

This is haul dirt day! Of course, we picked the hottest day yet this year to haul and move dirt. The past couple of weeks we’ve had snow, sleet and now record-breaking temperatures. We already have temps in the area at or near 100 deg F. Whew! We’ll be adding more top soil on Friday (hopefully the temps will be better!). I think we missed Spring??

Thanks to Gary, Dave and Chris for helping MJ and myself haul in top soil. We used the pulverized top soil to fill in some areas where runoff from the building roof has caused erosion. We also started the berm today. The berm should help hold back some of the runoff – with some help with the planned rain garden landscaping and plants.

We’re posting photos on Flickr

On our “to-do” list for the next couple weeks:

  • adding more topsoil (we’ll probably end up needing two more pickup loads)
  • picking up compost and woodchips (we need lots of woodchips)
  • stabilize the drain hose from the building by setting into the soil
  • adding a gutter to the shed and attaching the rain barrel
  • leveling the area for the insect hotel and pollinator features
  • clean up trash in the creek and banks
  • …. oh, I know there is more – we’ll keep adding to the list.

MJ has some butterfly milkweed started and they look great. Hopefully, we’ll get to the point where we can begin adding plants to the habitat. We were also able to pick up some nice pallets being discarded at a dumpster near our office. We’ll put the pallets to good use when building our insect/pollinator habitat.

Did I tell you we had raccoon scat by our shed today? Sorry, no photos to share… this time!

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